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Tentative Technical Program            

8th Shelf Life International Meeting (SLIM 2017): Emerging Trends in Food Technology and Packaging for Shelf-life Extension and Sustainability Improvement   

Kamolthip Ballroom, 2nd floor, the Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, THAILAND

November 1, 2017  

08.15-09.15                 Registration & Posters mounting

09.15-09.45               Welcome and opening remark

09.45-10.20               Innovation in Biobased and Smart Materials for Food and Packaging

                                              Luciano Piergiovanni, University of Milan, Italy

10.20-10.50               Coffee break & Poster session

10.50-11.25               E-Commerce Effect

                                    Andrew J. Gruber, President of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association)

11.25-12.00               Hygienic Design Strategies Enhancing Food Safety and Shelf-life

Gerhard Schleining, BOKU-University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria

12.00-13.00               Lunch & Poster session

Session A. Emerging Food Technology for Shelf-life Extension

13.00-13.30              Understanding Quality and Shelf-life of Glassy Food Matrices: A Structure-Process Approach

                                    Paola Pittia, University of Teramo, Italy

13.30-13.50               OA01: Study of Water Uptake of Extruded Breakfast Cereal Models: Impact of Sucrose and Water Content

                                  Masavang S, AgroSup Dijon, University of Burgundy, France

13.50-14.10               OA02: Physical Stability of Deep-Fried Food Characterized by Glass Transition Temperature

Jakia Sultana Jothi, Hiroshima University, Japan

14.10-14.30               OA03: Development of Transparent Microemulsions Delivering β-Carotene and Lemon Oil into Beverages: photostability and Shelf Life Prediction

                                  Sonia Calligaris, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

14.30-14.50               OA04: Effect of Rice Flour Gel Coating with Different Concentrations of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Extract on Physical, Microbiological and Sensory Properties of Steamed Rice

                                  Faridah Yahya, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

14.50-15.20               Coffee break & Poster session

15.20-15.50               Towards a Bright Future: Five Prominent Food Processing Technologies

                                      Pitiya Kamonpatana, Kasetsart University, Thailand

15.50-16.10               OA05: Non-Thermal Technologies for Food Stabilization: New Perspectives for Fresh Dairy Sector

                                  A. Conte, University of Foggia, Italy

16.10-16.30               OA06: Ohmic Heating: Recent Technology Improvement and Overview of Latest Applications

                                  Massimo Zonca, Emmepiemme spa, Italy

16.30-16.50               OA07: Ohmic Heating Application as an Alternative to the Sous-vide Technique for Fishery Products

                                  Yvan Llave, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan

16.50-17.10               OA08: Peptide Based Gas Sensors Arrays for the Quality Control of Food               

Dario Compagnone, University of Teramo, Italy

18.30                                       Welcome Reception

November 2, 2017

Session B. Shelf-life Assessment and Modeling

08.45-09.15               Secondary Shelf Life: Concept Overview by Considering Consumer and

                                  Food Industry Perspective

Cristina Nicoli, University of Udine, Italy

09.15-09.35               OB01: Prediction of secondary shelf-life of croissants: Survival analysis and CATA questions methodologies

                                   Elena Torrieri, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

09.35-09.55               OB02: Evaluation of Post-Harvest Storage Conditions on Microbial Shelf-life and Quality of Modified Atmosphere Packaged Live Mussels

                                  Olumide A Odeyemi, University of Tasmania, Australia

09.55-10.20               OB03: A New Generation of “Self-adjusting” Food Date Labels Based on Wheat Gluten Proteins as Sensing Materials of RFID Tags

Nathalie Gontard, University Montpellier, France

10.20-10.40               Coffee break & Poster session

10.40-11.10               Modeling of Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging: Application of                 

                                     Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Interactive Atmosphere and Quality Dynamics

Dong Sun Lee, Kyungnam University, Korea

11.10-11.30               OB04: A hygrothermal time model to predict shelf life of infant formula

Brady P. Carter, METER Group, Inc., United States

11.30-11.50               OB05: Shelf-life of 2-acetylpyrazine- and vanillin-releasing films prepared by vacuum impregnation

                                  Chaiyaporn Charoenput, Kasetsart University, Thailand

11.50-12.10               OB06: Roles of CO2 on quality and melanosis of Pacific white shrimp  (Litopenaeus vannamei) in different O2 packaging systems

                                  Netchanok  Kimbuathong, Kasetsart University, Thailand

12.10-13.10               Lunch & Poster session

Session C. Packaging Technology and Shelf-life

13.10 -13.40              Food Packaging Strategy to Control and Optimize Shelf Life in the Supply Chain

Kit L. Yam, Rutgers University, United States

13.40-14.00               OC01: Effect of Sacrificial Electron Donor Concentration and Film Thickness on Color Transition of a Novel Remazol Brilliant Blue R-based Time-Temperature Indicator

Panuwat Suppakul, Kasetsart University, Thailand

14.00-14.20               OC02: Preparation of oxygen scavenging films based on pyrogallol coating for active food packaging applications

                                   Kirtiraj K. Gaikwad, Yonsei University, South Korea

14.20-14.40               OC03: Effects of Corona Treatment on Surface of Aluminum Foil for Retort Pouch

Nucharin Luangsa-Ard, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

14.40-15.00               OC08: Tailored CO2 absorption in active packaging of Kimchi, a Korean fermented vegetable

                                   Chalalai Jaisan, Kyungnam University, South Korea

15.00-15.20               Coffee break & Poster dismounting

15.20-15.50               Novel Research on Biofunctional Sensors as Diagnostic Packaging for Food Quality and Shelf-life Monitoring

Panuwat Suppakul, Kasetsart University, Thailand

15.50-16.10               OC04: Innovative Materials for Active Food Packaging: Vanillin Release from Inorganic Carrier Embedded into Biodegradable Composites

G.G. Buonocore, Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials-CNR, Italy

16.10-16.30               OC05: Development of a Novel Anthraquinone-based ‘Consume Within’ Indicator for Food Packaging

                                  Surachai Khankaew, Kasetsart University, Thailand

16.30-16.50               OC06: Development of Edible Films and Capsules from Cassava and Rice Starch Blend Materials for Oil Containers

                                  Thitarat Phinainitisatra, Kasetsart University, Thailand

16.50-17.15               OC07: Challenges in Food Packaging and Shelf Life Research

                                  Gordon L. Robertson, University of Queensland, Australia

18.30                         Gala Dinner & Student Poster Awards

November 3, 2017  

09.00-12.00               Visit food factory/Thai agricultural

12.00-13.00               Lunch

13.00-17.00               Culture experiences

18.00-22.00               Dinner/Loy Kratong